Huntsman Cancer Institute

The Division of Gynecologic Oncology diagnoses and treats all cancers of the female reproductive tract. In addition, the multidisciplinary team includes specialists involved in the screening and prevention of gynecologic cancers, including genetic counseling and genetic testing for individuals who are at risk for gynecological cancers. Services are provided at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and our Salt Lake City Avenues Clinic.

To schedule an appointment, please have the following information available:

  • Patient name, telephone number and insurance information
  • Referring physician's name, office address, telephone and fax numbers
  • Diagnosis
  • Date of diagnosis
  • How the diagnosis was made (physical exam, biopsy, other)
  • what treatment, if any, has taken place
  • Time period over which treatment has occurred

Specific medical and pathology reports may also be requested for review before your first visit. We will work with you or your referring physician to schedule your first appointment as soon as possible. Most patients are first seen in an outpatient clinic rather than being admitted to the hospital.

Contact Us

New patient appointments: (801) 213-2239

Follow up appointments: (801) 585-0100

Mark K. Dodson, M.D.

Mark K. Dodson, M.D., is a gynecological oncologist at the University of Utah. As a Gynecologic Oncology investigator, he treats gynecologic cancers and pre-cancers. His clinical research focuses on minimally invasive surgery and novel treatments of gynecologic malignancies and his expertise is in radical abdomi... Read More


Gynecologic Oncology, Oncology Surgery


OB-Gyn Avenues Clinic
University of Utah Health Care Avenues Clinic
(801) 587-2809

Andrew P. Soisson, M.D.

Andrew "Pat" Soisson, MD, is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Utah, School of Medicine and a Huntsman Cancer Institute investigator. Dr. Soisson specializes in gynecologic cancers, especially invasive cervical cancer and high risk ... Read More


Gynecologic Oncology, Oncology Surgery


Huntsman Cancer Institute
Patient Care Center
(801) 213-2239
Huntsman Cancer Institute
Gynecological Cancer Program
1950 Circle of Hope
2nd Floor, Clinic A
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
New Patient Appointments: (801) 213-2239
Follow up Appointments: (801)585-0100
Avenues Clinic
Intermountain Gynecologic Oncology
370 Ninth Avenue,
Medical Plaza 2, Suite 101
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
New Patient Appointments: (801) 213-2239
Follow up Appointments: (801)213-2239