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Conditions that effect the back and neck can range from the most common to the most complex. University of Utah Health Care Neurosugery spine specialists evaluate each patient to provide individualized treatment plans that help get you back to the activities you enjoy. Whether your condition is sports related, chronic pain, or disease related, our specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck related problems.

In order to provide easy access and flexibility to our patients, spine evaluations are offered by our physician assitants who are specialty trained in neck and spine disorders. Our physiatrist, a specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, provides a range of treatment options for back and neck problems with the goal of restoring your function and relieving pain to greatest degree possible. Our specialists use the latest techniques and advanced technologies all in an effort to provide the best care possible for our patients.

Our program can provide or recommend a number of treatment options including:

  • Interventional spine therapies
  • Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
  • Spine Surgery